The United Kingdom ambassador to Spain visited ADEMTO

Hugh Elliot was interested in the operation of the Toledo entity

Toledo, April 1, 2022.– Today, the facilities of the Association of Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological diseases of Toledo (ADEMTO), received a visit from Hugh Elliott, ambassador of the United Kingdom in Spain, as a result of the interest shown by the diplomat worrying about the actions of the entity after also learning about the work carried out by Dr. Diego Clemente at the head of the NeuroimmunoRepair Laboratory of the National Hospital for Paraplegics of Toledo as its Director.

Begoña Aguilar Zambalamberri, president of ADEMTO, began the visit by presenting what is “the soul of the Association, the team, the students and the volunteers, in addition to the board of directors, which is the machinery that drives all the gears of our work.” Subsequently, he focused on the evolution of the entity that “began in 1996 with only the presence of a physiotherapist to make up for the lack of rehabilitation treatment in the National Health System,” to confirm that it currently has three areas: “rehabilitation comprehensive, training and research.” Regarding the first, he highlighted that the essence is multidisciplinary treatment and innovation, incorporating new technologies and techniques. In the training section, he stated that “it is a task that we like very much, we like to have the responsibility of training the professional of the future with agreements with universities, training cycles and the Ortega – Marañón Foundation.” Finally, in the research aspect, Begoña stated that “we work with the hope of curing ourselves and we support the work carried out by the HNP Neuroimmuno-Repair laboratory, participating in trials, providing financial support and promoting new avenues of research with the Esperanza Awards.”

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